First things first - How does our Hardware work?

In orbit around the Earth are a number of satellites that make up the Global Positioning System or GPS. If you have a receiver in a vehicle and it can locate at least 3 of them, it can work out where it is. This is done by a process called trilateration, put simply your receiver calculates how far it is from a satellite and draws a circle where it thinks it is. It now repeats that at least twice and where those circles overlap is its location.

So now it knows where it is, it needs to tell our server so we can place it on the map. It does this using GPRS (Radio Data) and the internet. A data transmission unit is housed in the same box as the receiver and at set times it takes the location from the GPS receiver and transmits it to any nearby Cellular Network’s mast. This then relays it via the internet to a computer server which can be anywhere in the world. When we first started supplying trackers in the nineties most companies hosted the server themselves, but these days you don’t have to have the hassle. Modern computer devices let you go and ‘peep’ at your data on our professional hosted server, just using an internet browser on your PC or phone.

What does the Hardware cost?

Please don't be shocked by the fact that this website actually publishes its prices! You will find no "Call the team for an instant quote" or "Fill in your email address and we will send you your exclusive quote" rubbish here! These are the prices we charge, NO extras, NO surcharges and NO VAT.

Below is the full cost of purchasing one of our Tracking Devices. Also note that although the units are shown below with pretty labels (to keep our marketing lady happy), in most cases they can easily be removed to make the unit look like any other electronic Gizmo on the vehicle. If you need this please inform before purchase.

The Brand New AVT14 with its 10 second fitting time is the choice for those customers that are changing vehicles frequently, or who do not have the need to do a full installation. It just plugs into the vehicles existing OBD 2 (On-Board Diagnostics) port that all Cars, Vans, and Trucks built after 1996 have. The location of your OBD 2 port is easily found when you do a search for it on Google, or other search engines, but if you struggle we will find out where it is for you. There is it no need for external aerials and power is taken direct from the vehicles OBD port.

Installation usually takes less than 10 seconds and once installed and the vehicle is moving, it will send back timed reports every couple of minutes. Then when you need to remove it and plug it into another vehicle you can instantly do so. Of course because of the way it is installed it is not as secure (easy to unplug) and with some vehicles it is not always possible to put the manufacturers cover back over the socket. To help with this problem we can also supply a 1 meter extension lead we have sourced (cost £8.50 inc postage) This allows you to hide the unit up behind the dash, or under the carpet and in most cases just replace the cover. This has the advantage of hiding the unit from prying eyes.

Update: We now have a version of this 'easy to fit' OBD device that has an internal battery and will send a SMS text message to your cellphone when it is unplugged! It cost a little more, but for some users it may give extra piece of mind.

Cost £45

Once you have selected your hardware and monthly charge rate, please email or phone us your requirements, which normally will be dispatched the following day.

In the case of our OBD device there is just the one rate (£45 plus your first months charges of £5. Total £50) and so if you are in a hurry you can order through PayPal  or Credit Card  to save time. (Please email us if you have any problem with the our new electronic check out)

AVT9 Easy Fit Tracker (inbuilt aerials)

Simple DIY Fit racking Device

This very easy to install tracker is designed for those with zero knowledge of DIY, or Automobiles. Fitting it is just a case of lifting the bonnet locating the battery and connecting it to the battery terminals (which you do not even have to undo, just slacken the nut a couple of turns, slide the terminal under and re-tighten). The unit will work even with the bonnet shut, unless you are fitting it into a tank (it may even work there, but we have not tested it).

If you need a tracker at a cheap price the AVT9 is perfect, even if your battery is buried in the boot it is easy enough to just extend the wires to where it can see the sky. When it comes to Motor Bikes it is the ideal choice sitting under the saddle of most machines.

Cost £45 (All in)

AVT10 Budget Tracker (inbuilt aerials)

Budget Tracking Device

The AVT10 it is fair to say is built to a price and so like the AVT9 and AVT14 some of the sophisticated facilitates that the more expensive units have are missing. If however you are on a budget and using it largely to just check a vehicle's location and history, then it is the one for you. It can just be mounted on the dash, or hidden away under a seat or parcel shelf (label side up). Then it is just a case of running power to it.

It comes complete with internal backup battery which lasts around an hour or two depending on usage, plus cables and instructions. It needs a 10-30 volts. We can also offer this unit in a 6 volt format for those of you running older cars

Cost £55 (All in)

AVT11 Professional Tracker (inbuilt aerials)

Inexpensive Tracking Device

Our base and most popular professional unit with in built aerials, because the aerials are inside it clearly it is the easiest professional unit to install, just requiring to be mounted where it can electrically see the sky i.e. Label side up (for example on/under the dashboard, inside a glove compartment, rear parcel shelf, in a truck's side locker, or under a fibreglass / wooden roof). 

The AVT11 is splash proof and also has an internal backup battery (lasts around 2-4 hours). It needs a 10-30 volts supply and if you are on the right rate, it can send a message when equipment like the PTO, Tilt / Tip mechanism, Engines, Locker, or Roof Lights come on and also receive some commands.

Cost £65 (All in)

AVT12 Weatherproof Tracker (inbuilt aerials)

Weatherproof Tracking Device

The AVT12 was designed for our marine customers but often finds its way onto utility vehicles, sports vehicles and motorcycles. With its Weatherproof housing (to IP67) this is our most rugged unit and is perfect for Plant or Boats. It can just be mounted on a roof, or hidden away (label side up). Then it is just a case of running power to it.

It comes complete with internal battery (lasts up-to 6 hrs.), cables and instructions. It needs a 10-30 volts and if you are on our the right rate, it can send a message when equipment like the PTO, Tilt / Tip mechanism, Engines, Locker, or Roof Lights come on.

Cost £75 (All in)

AVT13 Special Tracker uses external aerials)

external aerials Tracking Device

This is the unit for the those operating in rural areas, or far out at sea, because it is designed to works with external aerials you can mount them outside and higher up, which gives it a noticeable better range.

It also has some internal memory put aside to store data which means it will store more information when out of range and will resend it as soon as it detects a signal again. meaning most of your locations will be sent in real time and the rest a little later.

We offer a range of stick on, or permanent hole mount aerials for this unit costing between £18 and £35 depending on type. This can be mounted close to the unit, or run with low-loss cable to a remote aerial mounted as high as possible.

Cost £55 (plus the external aerial)

AVT11 4G Professional Tracker (inbuilt aerials)

2g 3g 4g Tracking Device world wide Tracking

There can be no doubt that the days of the existing 2G and 3G data network are numbered! In the UK we know that the huge amount of infrastructure using it (Smart Meters, Vending Machine Signal and many other services) means it will be a long time before these networks are closed to us.

However in some parts of the world not as advanced data wise, or whose population is thinly spread across the nation, scraping has already started, this includes some eastern European countries.

This unit will work as usual using the 2G and 3G based packet data networks, but if they are not available it automatically switches to the new 4G network.

Cost £85 (All in)

All items can be ordered by email, or phone and then invoiced. If you are not sure which of our many unit you need please call us, we are always happy to guide users through selecting the unit that most closely fits their specific needs.

Other Equipment

Miscellaneous Attachments: Depending on the AVT version purchased we can offer some external control equipment, for example the facility to remotely switch off items in the vehicle like fuel, or to remotely switch on a flashing beacon to tell a driver who is away from his vehicle, that he needs to contact base. If this is something that interest you please ask for more details. For fleet operates that wish to experiment themselves we offer a pre-wired in-line light that you can experiment with and later replace with a relay to control what ever device you have in mind. The kit includes a pre-wired lamp and a relay and cost £18.

External Aerials: Most of the units above have built in aerials and for most installation these are more than adequate. However for some vehicles that spend some time a good distance from built up areas an external aerial mounted high up will increase range considerable. Each installation will be different, but as a good guide a tracker with external aerials sockets cost £55 and the aerials will add between £18 and £35 extra depending on size, mounting method etc. Please contact us to discus this option if you feel you need it.

Mounting Brackets: Most installations are achieved with a small strip of Velcro (other brands are available), or plastic wraps. However for 'High Performance Vehicles' that may encounter occasional high 'G' force, we recommend using a simple metal 'U' bracket. As a number of people have said they would like to buy rather than make, we have had some manufactured in aluminium and they are available to you at what it cost us, which was £9 each.

Theft Deterrent: Let us be clear there is not a device made be it ours, or any other companies, that can stop someone stealing your vehicle and any salesman who tries to tell you different is a liar! That said a well hidden installation and some common sense can help a lot. If you are on the right monthly rate and have an anti-theft device already installed, you can run a feed from the siren to our unit and it will send you a message when it goes off.

A micro, or magnetic switch on a vehicle or locker door, even a simple inexpensive under-carpet pressure pad can do the same thing. The simple act of Geo-fencing your home / work compound will allow you to be emailed if it leaves the area and there are many more options, just talk to us to find out what others have done.