The Monthly Fixed 'Charge Rate' Choices Explained

Below is our monthly charges for a single vehicle user, (discount may be available for multi vehicle user). These charges fall into three sections coloured Yellow, Blue and Green:

Yellow is our 'Budget Rate' for purchasers of our OBD Device (AVT14) at that price there has to be a limit of 10,000 miles per year (if you think you will do more call and we will work something out price wise). The unit does not have all the extra features built in to the Professional Models and is for UK based customers only (if you are doing the occasional trip abroad no one is going to complain). However despite that it is extremely good value for a semi professional fully hosted system

Blue is the 'Concessionary Rate' for genuine Caravanners, Classic Vehicles, Show Vehicles, Owners who will travel less than 3,000 miles per year and who mainly use the system for a few hours a day, mostly at the weekends in the UK area (again if you are doing the occasional trip abroad no one is going to complain).

Green are our two 'Standard Rates' (Lower and Higher Rates) for everyone else.

Monthly Charge Tracking in
the UK
Tracking around Europe Shared Map Page Private Map Page Event warning messages
Geo Fence Facility Update rate Parked Update rate Moving
£5 pm
Mileage cap
        None 120 secs
£7 pm
Mileage cap
      120 Mins 120 secs
£9 pm
Unlimited use
        60 Mins 120 secs
£12 pm
Unlimited use
  30 Mins 90 secs

Explanation of the columns

Tracking: The two areas shown are your base areas and they are. UK and, European (i.e. outside UK). We can also cover other parts of the world, if you are visiting, or permanently based in Australia, New Zealand, North and South America plus a few others places we can arrange cover).

Shared / Private Map: Our Budget, Concessionary and the 'Lower Standard Rate'' means you will be on a open map, shared with other vehicles and not password protected. we do however limit the number on that page so you don’t have to hunt for your vehicle. With the 'Higher Standard Rate' you have a choice to be on your own, or share with people you select i.e. Motoring Clubs, or Fleet Operators may want a private page but with many of their vehicles on it.

Event Warning Messages: On the 'Higher Standard Rate' you have the option to connect the Ignition, PTO, Alarm, Fridge, etc. to the unit and it will send an email when this item is activated.

Geo Fence Facility: On some rates there is an option for us to Geo-fencing an area and send you an email message on entry, or departure from that area. For an example you can set a fence around your depot and get a message when the vehicle(s) leaves and returns.

Update Rate: On all rates except Budget (using OBD device) you will get timed location updates when stationery. On the concessionary rates these are 120mins when stationery and every 180seconds when moving. On 'Lower Standard Rate' it is every 60mins when stationery and every 120secs when moving. On the budget (OBD) rate it is every 120 seconds when moving. Lastly on 'Higher Standard Rate' it is every 30mins when stationery and every 90secs when moving. However, on top of that information 'Higher Standard Rate' users get an extra update sent when the vehicle changes direction more than a set number of degrees (usually 35) and when it has covered a set distance (usually 0.5km). This means a much more detailed replay of your trip, amongst other advantages.

Below is a short introduction to using our software this will show a little of what you can do with this versatile application.
To watch full screen click on the box symbol (bottom right hand side of the video screen), or press the 'F' key on your keyboard while viewing.