Fleet Operator's offers

Fleet operators come in all sizes, but all of them will have a person where at least part of their job is forecasting expenditure, controlling costs, maximising value for money and obtaining the highest standards of service from their suppliers.

We understand this and accept that we have a role to play in your lives. Lets start with obvious, using our system you can see at a glance where all you assets are. For example if you are in a service industry you can quickly see who is closest to a call out. Just as importantly you can instantly play back events for up to three months ago and if you regularly copy our data to a local computer, you can stores those details for as long as you want.

It does not take a genius to work out how tracking your vehicles will save you fuel and wear and tear, so how else can we help? We can offer you discounts on quantity purchases, we don't mean 100 plus, we mean 3 plus unit purchases and not just discount on the hardware but also on your ongoing monthly charge.

If you already have a tracking system and are fed up with your existing supplier tell us what make the equipment is and we will look to bring your hardware across on to our system.

Fleet Vehicle Tracking Device

Special Offers (Pre Owned)

From time to time we have small quantiles of ex loan / rental and part exchange units available to purchase, for those on a very tight budget. This will normally be the older style units as shown in the picture. The units will come with a three to six months warranty depending on price.

All of them will give an update of your location every X seconds when stationer and every Y seconds when moving. Typically X will be between 900 and 1800 seconds and Y will be 60 to 300 seconds.

None have modern facilities like getting an update when changing direction, or passing a set distance and of course no emails when PTO, Ignition, or Alarms etc. are on.

Prices range from £25 to £60 depending on model, age and condition.

Please contact us if you would like to be made aware when we have any stock of this type.

Buy Second Hand Trackers

Extra Special Offer

We have just (June 2019) purchased some late design 2G trackers, at a silly price. Now the UK 2G network will one-day be closed down, but at the moment it will not be before 2021 and most experts think it will be nearer to 2025, largely because there are so many devices still using it.

So we are offering these new units at the silly price of just £25 and will guarantee that they will work in the UK until at least mid 2021. They have some modern facilities like getting an update when changing direction, or passing a set distance and emails when PTO, Ignition, or Alarms etc. are on.

So if you have a short term need to track something there is not better time to grab a bargain.