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Our GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution 

Welcome to our on-line guide to tracking your vehicle (or fleet of vehicles), across Great Britain and Europe. We are a small Hampshire (UK) based organisation specialising in affordable and reliable GPS Vehicle Tracker solutions, for individuals, or Fleet Operators.  For many people this will be to track their Cars, Motorcycles, Vans, Trucks and Caravans, but we also supply 'Marine Tracker' systems aimed specifically at the marine market (small boats through to large yachts).


Although many people see tracking devices as a way of spying on their staff 'Vehicle Tracking' can  often work for them. The most common example of this is when they are asked "why are you not at your destination yet?"  When they tell you it's because the traffic is not moving, they know you don't believe them! With our system one click on the Traffic information will show you all the traffic problems near your vehicle.  

Although this is important the main reason you are reading this is because you want to make your business more efficient, but now you have the job of deciding which tracking device supplier you want to with and we win for a number of reasons. For example because we are not tied to one UK airtime provider (as the multi nationals often are) our latest tracking devices can roam the network and find any cell site nearest to your tracker. This means much more accurate and frequent location fixes  with few drop-outs (Don't you wish your phone could do that?)


Our vehicle tracking systems (sometimes called AVL or Automatic Vehicle Location devices), can be installed by almost anyone and are supplied with full fitting instructions where applicable, this is backed by a 7day a week telephone support. We also offer a chargeable installation service, if required.


Once installed you can travel around the UK (or abroad) and anyone you have given your details to, can go on line and watch you travelling across our Internet based map. On your return you can play back your journeys, which will show where you were at any given time, over the previous month.

Most installations will be configured to report your trackers location every 15 minutes when stationary and every minute when moving.  If you have several vehicles you can view them individually or as a group. If you want to set up a Geo-fence  (a ring around you base / mooring) it can email you when the unit enter or leaves that area. You can set a top speed and report when it is exceeded, plus many other event triggers (ask for what you want and we will try and arrange it).  


Today most companies understand how much tracking a vehicle can save them in fuel and productivity, although many still don't fully appreciate the less obvious benefits like for example the fact that their 'driver' also likes them to see that he really has been stuck in that traffic jam for the last 50 minutes!


However, because of our very low prices it is not just 'companies' that have our trackers installed, they can be found in private cars, camper vans, boats (of varying sizes), we even have a couple of driving instructor's vehicles. Because just about any computer, tablet or phone with an Internet connection can access the map, you can check up on your asset at any time and from almost anywhere. 




How does it work?

Fitted to your vehicle is a small GPS tracking receiver that continually notes the unit's location, using satellite generated coordinates The unit is instructed to send those location coordinates back to our server when an 'event' takes place.

These events always include when a set period of time has passed and this can be linked to another event, like speed. So for example the unit can report in every 15 minutes when stationary and every 60 seconds when moving.

There are many other events that can trigger a report, but more about that later.

Once a report has been triggered it is sent back to our server as a 'packet' of information, using a packet radio network. In the rare event none is available (with a boat a long way from the shore for example), the information will be stored in sequence and sent as soon as contact is re made.

This information is then stored on our servers and made available for viewing via the Internet, with a suitable web browser.

Unlike some systems we don't give you a coordinate to type into the map, we actually display the last know location on the map and if you have more than one vehicle you can see them all.

This whole operation takes just seconds, which means you can see your asset's location almost in 'real time'.

We can give you all the technical details (and be happy to do that) if that is your thing. However, our philosophy has always been that we should understand it, so that you have no need to.